Visual Limes implements its Farhos® Hospital Pharmacy information system in the CASMU of Uruguay

Last November, Visual Limes launched the Farhos Gestión Integral information system for Hospital Pharmacy at the CASMU Hospitals in Montevideo.

The Assistance Center of the Medical Union of Uruguay, better known as CASMU, is a Uruguayan company that provides health services to its members through mutualism. It is one of the largest mutuals in Uruguay although its social mass is concentrated in the country’s capital. It has 3 sanatoriums in Montevideo, the Casmu 1 Dr. Carlos María Fosalba, the Casmu 2 Dr. Constancio Castells and the Casmu 3 Dr. Pablo Carlevaro located in different areas of the city.

Farhos ERP allows to manage from the purchases and supplies of drugs and other consumables necessary for the treatment of patients in CASMU hospitals in Montevideo, to the entire management of medication deliveries to the different hospitals and the management of consumptions and general expenses of the Pharmacies of the different hospitals.

Farhos Management ERP allows you to enter the details of the medication of the active principle, laboratory markets the product, price and discounts, maximum doses, etc., as shown in the following image.

Farhos can also be integrated with other systems, in order to share data with the HIS of the hospital, laboratory results, the active directory of users and other databases of medicines, alerts, interactions, etc …

As always we will continue to report all the news in the sector of the information systems of Hospital Pharmacy and other health services. For any additional information, request a demonstration of the Farhos® system.