Visual Limes launches new branding

At Visual Limes, a company specializing in the commercialization, development, implementation, and support of hospital software, we have launched our renewed identity, which incorporates new colors and corporate designs. It also adopts the “V” as a symbol of connection between healthcare professionals and patients.

The New Logo
Our new image is not just a visual change but a manifestation of our core values where experience and cohesion come together to form the connection between professionals and patients.

This bridge, which represents and contains the “V” of Visual Limes, conveys solidity and durability in the collective imagination, as well as representing our ability to scale products in a balanced way.

Our brand stands out for its attractiveness and versatility, creating an emotional connection with our users, highlighting our role as a reliable and solid link in the market.

Colors and Typography

This rebranding introduces a new corporate shade in the logo: cyan blue, symbolizing the control, innovation, and security present in all our products. By exploring the various shades of cyan blue, we obtain the other color variations that make up the logo.

Regarding typography, we have opted for the Chillax family, a choice that allows us to convey the brand’s messages in all aspects of the company. These fonts provide personality, coherence, and uniformity through their various applications.

A New Horizon

These changes come at a significant moment as they coincide with the celebration of more than 30 years of our company. This milestone represents not only three decades of growth and success but also a turning point in our trajectory.

With this rebranding, we are marking the beginning of a new era for Visual Limes, a phase characterized by continuous innovation and a renewed commitment to our clients and partners in the healthcare sector.