Quality Policy

Visual Limes, S.L. is an organization dedicated to the sale, development, implementation and support/maintenance of software.

VISUAL LIMES, S.L. is committed to meeting the requirements specified by customers, legal and regulatory requirements, and to continuously improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Likewise, this document establishes the following general objectives:

  • Increase customer satisfaction (needs and expectations) through the effective application of the Quality Management System and by reducing customer complaints and claims.
  • Attract new customers, while paying special attention to maintenance customers.
  • Increase the approval of proposals to clients and the sales of the organization.
  • Improve the overall profitability of the projects executed by the organization (maintenance and new).

To achieve this, the organization must strive to:

  • Improve coordination between the areas of the company (internal communication).
  • Improve the training and awareness of the staff.
  • Ensure the level of quality offered and the reliability of the services provided.

All this with the ultimate goal of improving customer service, consolidating the organization’s position and guaranteeing improved profitability.

The managers of the different areas of the organization recognize the authority that the Quality Manager holds in matters of Quality, by express delegation of the Management. Likewise, they undertake to disseminate among the staff of their department the guidelines and objectives that the Management of the organization formulates in matters of quality.

Visual Limes’ suppliers are also a key part of this Policy. As required by the standard in points 8.4.1 and 8.4.3, a periodic evaluation of them will be carried out, and the criteria for this evaluation will be communicated to them, which are the following:

  • Quality criteria (both product and service: attention, response time) and price.
  • Supply chain risk analysis
  • Quality and safety certifications, taking into account other possible ones.

In summary, VISUAL LIMES, S.L. aims to be a leading organization in quality and service, carrying out simple business management, with minimal bureaucracy and with the integration and responsibility of the staff, promoting, above all, human relations.

Emilio Navarro
Chief Executive Officer