Visual Limes launches Farhos 5.2.3 with new features

Visual Limes has released a new version of Farhos 5.2.3  with several modifications and new features that we will discuss below, detailing the improvements made in the different modules that Farhos has available.

Farhos General Modules 

Two of the improvements we have included in Farhos are, on the one hand, the record of the speed or time of administration of the mixtures to the patient, now it appears in the reports of the signature history to facilitate the physician to review this information faster and access to the details of the administration of the treatment to the patient.

We have also included a new component to more comfortably select elements in the table dropouts, for example in the out-of-shift delivery section.

Intravenous Mixtures Module:

With regard to the Farhos IV Mixtures section, changes have been made so that the date of administration of the intravenous mixture can not be modified if the prescribed dose is a Single Dose type.

We have also made modifications to allow individualized consumption of IV mixture to be administered to a specific patient.

Farhos Unit Dose Module:

Regarding the Farhos Unit Dose module, we have included a new indicator of medications prescribed by each hospital to facilitate the extraction of statistics. We have also included a new indicator of signatures and validations per day and for each hospital, in this way it is possible to periodically evaluate this information.

Parenteral Nutrition Module:

In the section of Parenteral Nutrition Mixtures, we have improved the information appearing on the label that identifies the mixture with new fields. In addition, as in the case of MIV’s, we have also made a modification that allows to make individualized consumption of nutrition mixtures.

Pharmatechnology Module:

In the case of the pharmatechnology module, we have made adjustments in the parameters of the module so that it allows to show the guidelines and data of the patient in the order of production.

eMAR and eMAR Oncology:

It have been eliminated from the electronice medicine administration records the schedules of other medications coming from previous prescriptions in the case of an inpatient.

The possibility to export the chemotherapy administration report to Excel has also been incorporated.

Outpatients’ Module:

The option of “Service” has been incorporated in the drop-down section of the edition of an external patient deliveries in the way from Pharmacy the “Service” can be edited for each delivery to the patient.

Farhos ERP pharmacy Module:

We have made modifications in the order proposal section.

Additional improvements have also been incorporated in the management of prices and units per box when several suppliers of the same medicine are available.

Patients Admission Module:

The operation in Farhos Oncology we have improved the option of manual admission of the patient.

For any additional information about our news, request a demonstration of the system. We will continue informing about the new versions of Farhos.