Visual Limes successfully implements the integration of Farhos with the HIS at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid

During the second half of 2017 Visual Limes in collaboration with IT and Pharmacy of the Hospital G.U. Gregorio Marañón, Systems of the Madrid Health Service and the implanting company of the HIS and the Electronic Clinical History in use in the hospital, we have been jointly developing the integration and programming of direct accesses of the HIS to the Farhos.

The development of this integration (bidirectional in some of its sections), consisted in a general level in the development of some direct accesses from the HIS to Farhos by the Medicine and Nurse teams so they can, from the history of a patient in the HIS directly access to the prescription of Farhos and the management of deliveries of medication respectively, to the specific patient they are attending in an automated way.

In this way, the time required to execute and access the different information systems is optimized and the security in terms of the information the users of medicine and nurse are handling in the different general and departmental information systems is always relative to the same patient, minimizing the risks in this way. The direct access from the HIS to Farhos appears as follows in the HIS:

From the HIS, both medicine and nursing have access to the prescription of the patient:

On the other hand, the nurse team access from the HIS to the medication administration section:

It is worth noting the need to maintain the electronic medical prescription and the electronic register of drug administration in specialized systems such as Farhos, since these systems have the greatest number of prescribing assistants, which it helps to improve patient safety during prescription and administration of pharmacological treatments.

Within the project we have developed a new module of non-pharmacological prescriptions, with a work philosophy similar to the electronic medical prescription but for all indications of treatment to the patient that are not drugs, for example the prescription of performing the BM test in breakfast, lunch and dinner for blood glucose control. In this way, it is possible to manage separately the prescriptions must be provided by the Pharmacy of those directly managed by the nurse, since it is not really a drug.

The direct access to this prescription will have the following aspect once we arrive in Farhos from the direct access of the HIS:

Other integrations that Farhos presents with the HIS and the HIS with Farhos are the integration of the patient census and the declared or diagnosed allergies of the patient so that Farhos manages the allergy alerts to a possible treatment and can be modified. The integration with the clinical observations detailed in the HIS so that they appear in Farhos during the prescription of drugs to the patient, the integration of alerts for pregnancy or lactation, as well as the integration with the standard list of diagnoses ICD9 and ICD10, the medical alerts, nurse alerts and other types of alerts specific to certain types of treatments specific to patients.

These allergies when accessing Farhos will be seen as follows:

Other integrations developed are, the prescription of pre-admission to the patient, the reconciliation of medication taken by the patient before hospital admission and the report of medication at discharge that sends Farhos summary to the HIS for its record in the clinical history.

In addition, the HIS-Farhos-HIS integration is able to manage the exchange of information between these systems for other pharmacological treatments of non-admitted patients, such as outpatients, oncology and hematology day hospital patients.

For any additional information about our news, request a demonstration of the system. We will continue informing about the new versions of Farhos.