Nefrosoft® connects bidirectionally with hemodialysis machines

Now Nefrosoft® connects with the hemodialysis machines in a bidirectional way, sending the scheduled treatment for the patient to the machine, apart from receiving the details and events of the session recorded by the machine from the patient.

We have renewed and expanded the integration of Nefrosoft® with the hemodialysis monitors, until now Nefrosoft® was receiving the information from the hemodialysis session assessed to the patient and stored it in the history for later consultation, but now also has the capacity to send the planned treatment for the patient from Nefrosoft to the dialysis monitor:

It should be noted that from the different associations of Nephrology at national level and from the nephrology units of the different hospitals and dialysis centers in Spain, the need of full bidirectionality and the total interconnectivity of all machines with all systems begins to be seriously considered, with the different existing Nephrology information systems in the national market.

To date, the only nephrology information system capable of interconnecting with any dialysis machines on the market is Nefrosoft® from Visual Limes.

Nefrosoft® also has a version usable from tablet to facilitate the work of the nurse team and to be able to indicate patient information and their dialysis treatment in the system, practically in real time.

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