Nefrosoft® integrated with the Diraya system of the Andalusian Health Service

From Visual Limes we have integrated Nefrosoft® with the Diraya electronic health record system of the Andalusian Health Service.

Diraya is the system used in the Public Health System of Andalusia as a support for electronic medical records. It integrates all the health information of each of the people attended in the health centers, so that it is available in the place and time it is necessary to care for it, and also serves for the management of the health system.

Following the indications of the technicians responsible for Diraya in the Andalusian Health Service, we have developed the integration of Nefrosoft® with this system so that the specific part of the clinical history that Nefrosoft manages for patients with kidney disease also appears in the Diraya system, that regardless of the center where they are treated, they have all the information about their treatments related to said kidney disease.

The integration consisted basically of the connection through web services, the bidirectional exchange of the demographic data of the patients, which are managed in Diraya and received in Nefrosoft so that the patient has their personal data managed by the SAS in a centralized manner. And the other integration manages the additions and deletions of patients both hospitalized and in treatment for chronic kidney disease in the areas of hemodialysis of the different hospitals and clinics of the Andalusian Health Service (S.A.S. in spanish)

Specifically, the information that Nefrosoft and Diraya are able to share at present, is the information of new patients, the fusion of data from patients who have clinical histories in more than one hospital center or primary care center of the SAS in order to unify all in a single clinical history, update patient data as a change of address, for example and also record the patient’s discharge for various reasons and the deletion of patient data in the census of both Diraya and Nefrosoft in necessary case.

As always, we keep informing about all the news in the information systems sector of Nephrology and other health services. For any additional information, request a demonstration of the Nefrosoft® system.