Visual Limes develops the new version of Farhos ERP in web technology

During the year 2017 in Visual Limes we have been working on updating Farhos ERP version 5.2.7 to web technology, more modern, versatile and easy to deploy than the old client-server version of Farhos ERP existing to date.

The part that has changed the most is the technology used and the image itself of the software, where we have sought to simplify consoles with blue, gray, black and white so as not to distract attention from what is important, which is the information to be managed daily in the system as they are the purchases of drugs, the distribution of medicines, the management of suppliers and the generation of lists.

The user login screen is new as can be seen below:

As you can see in the following image, the consoles have been reduced to the minimum possible, with a horizontal top button bar with access to the purchase menus, medications, distribution, suppliers, lists and tables, as well as, a menu of options from each section to the left in vertical.

The adaptation for users of the old version of Farhos ERP is quite simple, since most of the functions have been migrated with a similar concept of use, but with the advantage that now, we can use Farhos from any operating system, since it is accessed and it is managed from the web browser and can be managed from a tablet, a laptop or a desktop PC.

In the case of the medication records, we have tried to maintain the philosophy of the old Farhos ERP y del Farhos Electronic prescription, so that users can configure the information of the drugs in any of the two consoles.

In the different flaps within the drug file section, we have additional information to register such as dispensation, economic data, batches, orders, distribution, etc .., this new version of Farhos ERP is a technological improvement over the previous version and a greater robustness and simplicity in the future maintenance of the system.

For any additional information about our news, request a demonstration of the system. We will continue informing about the new versions of Farhos.