New version of Farhos® 5.2.7 the hospital pharmacy management system of Visual Limes

We recently launched the new version 5.2.7 of our comprehensive Farhos® hospital pharmacy management system, we will tell you about some of the improvements included.

News from versions 5.2.4, 5.2.5, 5.2.6 and 5.2.7

When a HFG is created from the maintenance section of Farhos, if there is no related HU, the system creates it automatically.

In the section of Farhos unit dose of medicines, we have made improvements in the identification labels of the patients. In addition Farhos is now integrated with the traceability system of critical preparations of LUG healthcare technology.

Another of the improvements that we have incorporated into the unit dose section of Farhos is a new variant of the reports of filling trolleys and improvements in the modifications made by users on the observations associated with the drug.

On the other hand, in the Farhos section of the electronic record of drug administration (eMAR) we have converted into an option that can be parameterized, the automatic change of the medication line by changing the presentation of the drug, so that each hospital can choose how it wants to Farhos eMAR work in this regard. Also in this section we have changed the way in which the Farhos eMAR manages the start time of the administration of the medication in the case that it has been prescribed through a rigid schedule, giving preference to the modification of the time performed by nurse team.

Also in Farhos eMAR we have added the function to verify if a line of drug administration is editable or not and if the treatment line is suspended or not.

In this new version of Farhos, we have made changes in the creation of prescriptions, now it is allowed to create several day hospital prescriptions in different services. In addition, in the Farhos section for the confirmation of assistance, it allows the management of itinerant patients with consumption in special orders.

Farhos now has the possibility of a warning when an attempt is made to prescribe a patient in his day hospital prescription, and there exists an admission of said patient.

We have also added a new configuration to Farhos so that it allows activating as an option the unfolding of the treatment lines.

Now Farhos has a tool to improve the visualization of the names of the chemotherapy preparations schemes in the Oncology module. We have also added the user information and attendance confirmation date in the preparations of Oncology mixtures.

As always, we keep informing about all the news in the information systems sector of hospital pharmacy and other health services. For any additional information, request a demonstration of the Farhos® system.