Visual Limes’ Nefrosoft® in the Spanish Society of Nephrology National Congress 2014

With the presence of Visual Limes the company developer of the information system software Nefrosoft®, held the XLIV National Congress of Nephrology of the Spanish Society of Nephrology (S.E.N.) past year 2014 during the days 4th to 7th October.

This scientist event is considered the principal about Nephrology in Spain, which brings together more than 2,500 members of the nephrology community.

Visual Limes was one of the exhibitors at the conference, being hosted and invited by Nipro Europeto the event. The instance calls not only medical nephrologists, but also to clinical researchers in nephrology practice for adults and children; and all professionals and technicians who have been occupationally developed towards improving techniques or dialysis care.

Our Marketing Team supported by D. Emilio Navarro and D. Jorge Quilis unveiled the technological advances that have the latest version of our software, Nefrosoft® V6 designed to be integrated with the largest number of dialysis monitors and ensures the dump information from each of the sessions.

Nipro monitors Surdial X2 were presented to the meeting for the staff who made presentations brand of equipment and functions, in order to retain customers and highlight the main advantages of Nipro products.

At the booth of Nipro exposed the benefits included in this release, the High Performance Guide the solution according to the needs of the nephrology service.

We showed the circuit in a unit where the machines Surdial X2 are integrated with Nefrosoft®.

Visual Limes and Nefrosoft will be present as every year in the next congress of Nephrology to inform about new realeses of our Nephrology Information System.

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