Visual Limes expands its market in Mexico during 2014

Since early 2014 Visual Limes have been implemented Farhos Information Management System for Hospital Pharmacy in 16 Hospitals in Mexico.

Specifically we have Farhos in 14 Hospital Pharmacies in the Health Institute of the State of Mexico (ISEM) and 2 Hospitals in Nuevo Leon Monterrey Institute of Technology in particular are the TecSalud Hospitals San José and Zambrano Hellion, which added to the General Hospital of Pachuca where we have Farhos running since 2012.

In the case of the 14 hospitals of the Health Institute of the State of Mexico (ISEM) main features of the project are the use of Farhos Management and Farhos Outpatient Prescription for the supply of medication to patients in outpatient care and chronic medication collection and Farhos Management to control the drug stocks of the 14 hospitals and the central warehouse supply of the company that manages the deliveries to the pharmacies in these 14 hospitals.

Among public hospitals of the ISEM Farhos is in use in hospitals like the General Hospital “La Perla”, The Maternity Hospital “Monica Pretelini”, General Hospital Lic. Adolfo Lopez Mateos, Guadalupe Victoria Children’s Hospital of Atizapan, among others.

The project of TecSalud Hospitals are 2 hospitals of the private sector and the project involved the implementation of Farhos prescription, intravenous mixtures, pharmacotechnical and master formulas, as well as integration with the HIS, the medical records systems, consumption of drugs (SAP ISH and SAP MM), patient demographics, medications catalog, warnings and drug interactions, automated dispensing systems for drugs such as Pyxis, etc.

The implementation project lasted about 4 months between analysis, implementation of adaptations of Farhos and user training and production start thanks to the involvement of the team of professionals from hospitals and TecSalud San Jose Zambrano Hellion.

Right now we also have Farhos implementation projects in 6 hospitals in Argentina, in the province of Buenos Aires and possible new projects in Uruguay.

In Visual Limes we continue with our ongoing process of improving our products and services in the continuous search to help our customers in improving their processes.