Successfully implanted Nefrosoft® in the Menydial Clinic of Ecuador

We have recently implanted in the Menydial Clinics in Ecuador our Nefrosoft® comprehensive management system for information on patients with kidney disease.

Proudly Ecuadorian!! The Menydial Kidney Clinic has been providing nephrology, dialysis and and medical services since 1980. In 2003, in an effort to bring treatment closer to Chimborazo patients, we inaugurated our unit in the Sultana de los Andes place. In 2007 we went to the call of the patients of Imbabura and inaugurated our unit in the city of Ibarra. Finally in 2012 it expands to the beautiful cities of the Ecuadorian highlands: Tulcán and Ambato.

During these years we have carried out more than 400,000 hemodialysis, thousands of specialized medical consultations and dozens of successful renal transplants, reincorporating thousands of patients to their work, family and social activities, instilling in his staff a MYSTICISM OF ATTENTION AND PASSION FOR THE SERVICE TO ALL OUR PATIENTS.

From Visual Limes we have implanted in the Menydial clinics the Nefrosoft modules of Predialis Consultation, peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis that include, among other main functions, the ones that are detailed below.

Among other functions, Nefrosoft® can manage the following information about patients at a nephrology clinic or service.

  • General and administrative data.
  • Etiology and situation at the beginning of the CRI.
  • Nephrology and pre-dialysis consultation.
  • Diagnostics
  • Transplant and waiting list.
  • Follow-up and post-transplant treatments.
  • Clinic history.
  • Clinical evolution.
  • Physical explorations.
  • Complementary explorations.
  • Outpatient treatment.
  • Vascular or peritoneal access.
  • Infectious incidences
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Document management
  • Analytics, KTV, viral markers, etc.
  • Vaccinations
  • Follow-up of hemodialysis treatments.
  • Monitoring of peritoneal dialysis treatments.
  • Obtaining quality indicators of hemodialysis treatments
  • Generation of on-demand data queries with the Query Builder system.

In addition, Nefrosoft® can be integrated with other systems such as the LIS to receive the laboratory results of each patient, directly receive records of the hemodialysis session information recorded by the monitor, synchronization of patient information with the HIS in case of larger hospitals or clinics, etc.

Nefrosoft also has a specific module that can be used from the Tablet, with which you can directly access the session data in real time or validate the treatment and record events and incidents that may arise during the hemodialysis treatment.

As always, we keep informing about all the news in the information systems sector of Nephrology and other health services. For any additional information, request a demonstration of the Nefrosoft® system.