Visual Limes expands its market to Uruguay and Argentina in 2015 and 2016

Since Visual Limes began to open market in México in 2014 we have begun our international growth plan achieving progress in implementation of new projects of Farhos in markets such as Argentina and Uruguay.

In a first phase it was implanted “Farhos ERP”, “Farhos Electronic Medical Precription” and “Unidose”, along with the integration of automated storage systems for hospital pharmacy in six hospitals in Argentina.

In particular the hospitals were:

  • H. Interzonal General Dr. José Penna.
  • H. Dr. Alberto Balestrini.
  • H. de Niños Sor María Ludovica
  • H. Interzonal Especializado Materno Infantil “Victorio Tetamanti”
  • H. Zonal General de Agudos San Roque Gonnet de La Plata
  • H. Interzonal General de Agudos José de San Martin

In this case the Hospitals of the Province of Buenos Aires was an implementation project and start of production and took about 3 months of work.

In the case of Uruguay in collaboration with another companies Farhos is going to be implemented in three centers of CASMU. In these centers we are going to implement “Farhos ERP”, “Farhos Electronic Medical Precription”, “Unidose”, “Outpacients Prescription ” and“Farhos Oncology”.

In Uruguay in the following centers of CASMU are going to be implemented Farhos:

  • Sanatorio CASMU 1 Dr. Carlos María Fosalba.
  • Sanatorio CASMU 2 Dr. Constancio Castells.
  • Sanatorio CASMU 3 Dr. Pablo Carlevaro.

In the case of CASMU Hospitals Farhos is going to be integrated with a hospital information system (HIS) and an information system for primary care, of 2 other companies with which Visual Limes is working.