Visual Limes releases Nefrosoft® V.6.5.7 with all its developments and moves HQ to Xirivella (Valencia, Spain)

With the arrival of the new version 6.5.7. Visual Limes launches new corporate headquarters in “Ciudad Gran Turia (Xirivella)”.

Nefrosoft upgrade to 6.5.7 brings a number of very interesting improvements for Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis and Nursing:


The sessions are now faster. This new version incorporates a number of enhancements that speed up the completion of the record of the session and the speed of the session itself:

  • Optimizing the loading time of the sessions.
  • The enter button is enabled to switch from one field to another in manual data entry of vital signs and flows and pressures of the session.
  • Now you can create sessions without leaving the patient session record.
  • You can also create tasks/warnings of a patient from the session search without entering into a session record.

Now with this version you can also rotate the syringes in the image of the vascular access, send messages to the group DUES PLUS (“nursing supervisors”) and discharge monitors and dialysis machines in order to make it disappear from the drop-down list of the HD schedule and the session.


The new Nefrosoft® 6.5.7. incorporates new features as important as the registration of the place of dialysis of the patient or “Place HD” in the session record. In addition, this new field could be operated from Query Builder and reports.

A new section of “schedule treatment history” is presented. Thanks to this new feature you will see an evolution of the schedule treatments and exploit the relevant in the Query Builder.

Also the labor of the analytics mapping is now easier with the introduction of a search filter. With this new version you can also visualize the averages of the evolution of sessions of the patient record or the HD sessions section.


Nefrosoft can now automatically import the KTV values of urea, creatinine and the daily drained volume from laboratory. In addition you can now also visualize up to 5 records of peritonitis treatment.

It’s well worth to recall the current the users of this new version that you can see more detail of the improvements and the resolution of errors by clicking on “version updates” on the home screen of the program:


In addition we will soon have the new version of Nefrosoft 6.5.8., with new enhancements such as Nefrosoft in the English version and agendas and appointments management in the sessions.

We will keep you informed about new updates of Nefrosoft for any additional information you can contact us through