One more year Visual Limes’ Nefrosoft® with presence in the XLV Spanish Society of Nephrology National Congress 2015

Nefrosoft has participated in the XLV National Congress of Nephrology that has taken place in the city of Valencia, from 3rd to 9th October 2015.
We shared exhibition space at the booth of the Renal leading global manufacturer of medical and surgical products NIPRO.

Nefrosoft is defined as “the software required for the practice of the Nephrology” where it becomes excellent tool for patient care in all its stages and types of Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT).
It allows to optimize the resources, it eliminates the use of paper, it ensures the traceability, the quality control and the possibility to exploit the information, what is known as Big data management.

Nefrosoft consists in four modules divided by treatment modalities such as: Predialysis (ERCA), hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and transplantation.
It consists in screens common to all forms of treatment such as patient’s demographic data, clinical evolution, Analytics, Pass of daily visit etc. and other specific screens related with every treatment modality.

Nefrosoft has introduced its new communication interface with the X2 SURDIAL NIPRO machine consisting of during hemodialysis the monitors are getting treatment data and relevant data obtained from the patient’s treatment and it’s recorded in Nefrosoft and incorporated into the database.

One of the distinguishing points of Nefrosoft is the new functionality managing the internal Alerts and Tasks where the users of a center such as physicians, administrators or nurse can assign tasks to each other and warn about relevant patient data. This module is focused on the increase of productivity and internal communication in the workplace.

The incorporation of smartphones or tablets in the new version of Nefrosoft V6 is a starting point for the elimination of the paper in performing of the nurse tasks or the pass of daily visit along with other new features in all treatment modalities.

We also received the visit of Mrs. Nguyen Van Thuy, Head of Marketing of Renal Division of NIPRO who has the opportunity to see in firsthand the great activity that takes place in the congress.

Visual Limes and Nefrosoft will be present as every year in the next congress of Nephrology to inform about new realeses of our Nephrology Information System.