Nefrosoft new section “Patient Summary”

A new “Patient Summary” section has been included in Nefrosoft V. 6.8.3.

This section is a control panel that allows you to visualize the results of laboratory test and session parameters of the patients.

The results can be:

  • The last result or the last three results of each Parameter.
  • The monthly average or the average of the last three months of each parameter.
  • The annual average or the average of the last three years of each Parameter.

The values can be presented in three colors:

  • Black. It is within the recommended range.
  • Yellow. It is between the recommended value and out of range value.
  • Red. It is out of range.

The “rectangles” can be of the color:

  • White. All values are within the recommended range, that is, they are black.
  • Yellow.  There is one or more yellow value and there is now red value.
  • Rojo. There is at least one red value.

The image blow shows configuration window of the ranges and recommended ranges lower and upper values.

Looking at the first image, informative symbols appear under the patient´s name about the Vascular access, Allergies, Home treatment, Treatment of the HD schedule and current tasks and warnings.