Visual Limes successfully implements the bidirectional integration of Nefrosoft at the General Hospital of Valencia

In collaboration with the area of Nephrology and the systems team of General Universitary Hospital of Valencia  since Visual Limes we have worked on the & nbsp; bidirectional integration de our Nefrosoft system, with the dialysis monitors of the nephrology unit of the hospital.

For this the integration with the dialysis machines consists mainly of the possibility of sending from Nefrosoft the parameters of the session of a specific patient, to the machine that is going to be used for the realization of its renal replacement treatment to said patient.

For safety reasons and to correctly identify of the patient and the corresponding dialysis machine, a system of identification cards is available without it Nefrosoft system will not send the information of the patient’s treatmeent in order to avoid possible errors about the correct patient’s data.

In this way, patient safety is improved, since it is not necessary to manually transcribe the patient treatment data to each of the monitors, but once the identification card of each patient is inserted in each monitor, Nefrosoft charges in this machine the parameters of the session, leaving only the step of reviewing and validating the start-up of the machine for the start of treatment, by the nursing team.

In the video presented below you can see in a schematic way how to work in a dialysis unit through the bidirectional integration mentioned and that we have implanted in the Hospital.

As always we will continue to report all the news in the information systems sector of Nephrology and other health services. For any additional information, request a demonstration of the Nefrosoft® system.