Farhos 5.2 has new improved features in its Oncology Module

Visual Limes has launched at the beginning of 2018 a new version of Farhos 5.2 with some new features in its module of Oncology we are going to detail as follows.

The main new functions of Farhos Oncology 5.2 are, the detection of new type of drugs’ interaction as part of the same intravenous mixture.

The software detects changes in patients’ height and weight and it checks the doses of chemotherapy mixture are correct according to the new values. In case of values aren’t correct Farhos Oncology will change and correct the value.

Now Farhos Oncology uses the alerts about drugs’ in a restrictive way, this means if a drug has an adjusted alert for a maximum allowed dose, when the physician prescribes this drug in a citostatic mixture the system will show an alert indicating the maximum dose is exceeded according to the limit indicated in drugs’ profile.

In this case Farhos don’t allow the physician to sign the prescription while the dose value being out of range and the dose being reduced to the correct dose below the limit. In this way we increase the patients’ safety and we reduce the possibility of prescribe a dose over the limit of the drug by error.

We have added a life quality indicator for Oncology patients’ for the studdy and follow up of this indicator in patients with this type of treatments called ECOG. This allows the physicians to manage a follow up of patients’ quality life in one or several patients’ to analyse it later.

We also added some new improvements in the visual aspect of the different types of prescriptions, separating in diferent folders to make easier to the different users to identify inside the oncology patients’ prescription the no pharmacology prescription, other drugs’ prescription like unit dose and other antineoplasic prescription. In this way we ease the medicine, pharmacy and nurse teams job.

In this new version of Farhos Oncology we have the possibility to recover treatments from the history of other antineoplasic treatments and other support therapies. In this way will be faster to prescribe in future this oncology patient, for therapies would be required weeks or months later and will be required to be repeated in future.

Farhos new version allows to capture drugs’ prescribed in a chemotherapy scheme to the inpatient prescription, what it is so useful in cases the patient has a crisis and is required to hospitalise them and to continue the outpatient hospital treatment in the hospital.

Lastly we have added a new report of elaborated mixtures in order it shows the mixtures finally discarded or cancelled.

For any additional information about our new features, please ask for a software demonstration. We will keep you informed about new Farhos versions.