Visual Limes launches its new Farhos 5.0 hospital pharmacy software version with new features

Visual Limes has launched during January 2017 a new version of Farhos 5.0 with new features and corrections we are going to detail as follows.

One new feature to highlight is the new initial console to access the Farhos Modules, with new direct access, security module and system maintenance.

Following we are going to talk about the new functionalities in the diferent modules and versions releases of Farhos 5.0 with new types of reports we where adding to the application.

Farhos 5.0.1 and 5.0.2

We added the possibility to extract a list of no guide medicines, we can also include a patient’s picture to the history file in Farhos, furthermore now Farhos can record the history of weekend permissions of the patients. We can also from Farhos elaborate and print labels for patients going out from the hospital on weekends.

Farhos allows to indicate a risk alert to the prescription having the possibility to choice between Low, Medium and High. Furthermore, for the users now is possible to asign  his or her to one or various hospitals (the user will select from wich hospital wishes to connect).

We improved the list of patients with new prescriptions, end of treatment or new prescriptions, the ones are selectable by date. Farhos also detects changes in weight and height and it verifies the dose are correct in reference to that change, and if they are not correct the system calculates again the dose according to the new weight and alert about the suggested change.

We have incorporated also new reports and indicators in Farhos Unitary Dosage, we have modified the report of changes in NIU and also the prescriptions report adding a subgroup filter. With this new version is possible to choice if you wish to be obligatory the review and indicate the allergies in Farhos and the inpatient diagnostic. If you deactivate this option, the system will not take as obligatory to go through this first step, what is so useful in hospitlas where other systems are managing the diagnostics and allergies.

In the new versión of Farhos it is possible to attach a document or a guide about the drug as is shown in the folowing image.

We also have the posibility to organize the treatments in alfabetical order and to switch the drugs and active components combo selector lists. We added a new report of chariots load list by medicine without grouping it and we also assessed a list by drugs subgroup also without grouping. Farhos allows to confirm the drugs delivered in unit dose taking into account parts of drugs remaining.

Farhos 5.0.3 y 5.0.4

In the weekend permissions section we have incorporated a new report to list the modifications have been done. We have also separated the concept narcotic of the drug’s family in order can be managed in separated way this group of medicines.

We can also with this new version of Farhos 5.0 to use the alerts by medicine in a restrictive way or even to order by drug administration route in the drugs datasheet to be shown in the selected order.

Farhos 5.0.5 y 5.0.6

Simultaneous support for automatic systems of drug’s unitary dosage of diverse models and development of new integrations with cistostatic mixtures automatic preparation systems for oncology treatments.

We have improved the generation of out of shift drug’s deliveries, we have corrected the report of history of weekend permissions and we also performed changes in the intravenous mixtures generation module.

We have modified the calculous of period of the prescription and to improve the integration with the patient’s admision system.

Now is posible to show the drug units when you choice “Units” as the standard unit and we have improve the report sorted by NIU.

In Farhos Outpatient when you deliver to the patient 2 units every 28 days we improved that situation and we adecuate the indication of conservation parameters for the medicine in the chemotherapy protocols when you change to generic one. We have also include a new section to manage the pharmacy patients attention reports.

Farhos 5.0.7 y 5.0.8

Now we have a new diets screen for the integration with other systems for patients diets management, we also added a new filter “financed” in the report of unit dose consuption.

We have added the Server Administration and the Security menu of Farhos directly in the start selector modules screen.

We also realised improvements in the visualisation of different types of prescriptions and we created a variant of the chariots load report grouped by NIU with the description Dinner-Breakfast-Lunch and grouped by hours.

Farhos 5.0.9 y 5.1.0

To finish with the description of Farhos version 5.0 new features, we have some corrections and we have new patients search browser, with new buttons and new selection combos for oncology diagnostics and prediagnostics.

We have a new integration with HCIS software, we also added to the medicine datasheet the maximum concentration of active component for the elaboration of mixtures. Now is possible to define in more agile way the mixtures you like to prepare choosing principal drug, dose and total volume.

It’s possible also to detect drug’s interacctions with medicines included in the same IV mixture. Furthermore we have included a patients life quality indicator for patients in Oncology treatment for the study and patient’s follow up called ECOG.

Now is possible to recover from the patients’ treatment history other Antineoplastic tratments and support therapies. Is also possible to filter by history number in the module of elaboration of intravenous mixtures.

Finally we have added a new report of elaboration of mixtures in order to show the canceled mixtures and the rejected mixtures.

For any additional information about our new features, please ask for a software demonstration. We will keep you informed about new Farhos versions.