Visual Limes releases the new version of Farhos 4.9

Since we announced the improvements of Farhos 4.8., Visual Limes has released the version 4.9. Listed below we have collected all the changes that has been developed since Farhos 4.8. was released.

  • Now with Farhos the search engines in addition to filter, the results that start with the searched text it filters the results that contain the searched text. For example searching “ib”, “Fibrosis” would appear.

  • Now you can configure the medication schedule by default of the treatment from its sheet (rigid, flexible, unit dose, PRN).

  • Possibility to insert a treatment to a drug not indicated in its sheet.

    • Possibility to assign a user to one or several centers.


    • Now the state of administration of the drugs of eMAR will appear in the reports.
    • The nutrition is added in the EMAR module. Now you can write down the start and end hour when administrating a parenteral nutrition.


    • Authorized medication in Outpatients. In the drug sheet you can configure the need to authorize the drug of an outpatient by the physician in charge (introducing the user and password of the physician).
    • You can now define a drug as restricted for the delivery by name (person by person) in outpatients.

    • Possibility to print a replacement receipt for the denied/reserved medication.
    • Is posible to check the validity of a patient for the dispensation in outpatients.

    Unit dose

    • Optimization in the time of trolley generation.
    • Improvement in the fill up and trolley generation list modifications. Change of the color between the lines.

  • Possibility of generating automatic consumptions after the unit dose trolley generation. Farhos management deducts the drugs of the warehouse that has been consumed in the trolley replenishing.
  • Creation of consumption reports by patients admitted or records.


  • New user creation by WebServices.


  • Now is possible to integrate the outpatient dispensations with two Robots simultaneously.

We will keep you informed about the new Farhos’ functionalities